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    HTC HD2 Smartphone for T-Mobile
    Selling this for my boss. He got it on June 21st and used it gently until last week (Aug 8th), replacing it with a Droid X.

    It has the latest official HTC/T-Mob ROM update onboard and has never been hacked/modded/unlocked or tweaked in any way. Phone is in absolutely like-new condition, I'd rate it as a 9.5/10. There is one very tiny dent in the rubberized paint in top left corner that you can only see if you are trying to find it. It's always been kept in a case and used in a clean, non-smoking corporate environment.

    The original retail packaging (perfect condition) is included, as are all retail box contents: documentation, microUSB cable + global AC charger + 3.5mm stereo headset (never used) and the Sandisk 16GB microSDHC card with Transformers 1 & 2 movies pre-loaded.

    Additional accessories include the following:
    -TWO HD2 soft skin cases in black. One has ever been used, other has been used since the phone was new but is in great condition.
    -Generic MicroUSB car charger, works great
    -An additional genuine HTC microUSB cable + travel charger (just like what's in the box)
    -An additional genuine HTC 3.5mm stereo headset (just like what's in the box)
    -I think we may also have an additional HTC battery floating around as well,just gotta check for it.
    $280 shipped insured OBO

    Verizon Treo 755p BAD ESN + Gigantic accessory bundle

    **BAD ESN** . Bought in April '08 and used as a secondary device (PDA + email) alongside a flip phone until this spring when I let briefly someone else use it on an interim basis and they let their account go bad.

    Phone itself is in perfect operational order. No bad pixels, touchscreen & digitizer are perfect, all keys work great. It has been flashed to the latest official Palm/Verizon ROM update (1.08). Cosmetically, I'd rate this one an 7.5 to 8/10. There are some minor marks in the silver paint around the bezel & some of the silver paint on the d-pad and the calendar button have chipped off to reveal grey plastic underneath but nothing too terrible. The rest of the exterior of the phone is in excellent condition. It has always been kept in a case and used with a screen protector and never seriously dropped, modded or hacked. If you want to try and talk VZW into activating it or try flashing it or activating it on another carrier, that's up to you. I am selling it as an AS-IS BAD ESN Verizon phone with plenty of goodies.

    As you all know, Treos works perfectly fine as an unconnected PDA. With the CDMA radio off, the device's performance is better and the battery will last practically forever, especially with an extended battery installed. Other than the web browser/SMS/email & phone apps, nothing on a Treo/Centro requires wireless functionality, given the PDA roots of Palm OS. The device does not have any kind of mandatory activation screen, and you can download & install app apps via SD card or desktop Hotsync as well as back up the entire phone to SD card or your desktop PC.

    The original Verizon retail packaging & contents (wall charger, USB Hotsync cable, stylus battery, door, unused Palm stereo headset + mic, unused documentation + CD) are included and in perfect condition.

    In addition to the stock accessories I have the following accessories:

    Storage & MultiMedia:
    -One Palm Ultraclear screen protector installed on device + one brand new Palm screen protector- applicator/packaging also included.
    -Kingston 4GB Class 6 miniSDHC card with fullsize SD adapter.
    -Mint condition Palm Bluetooth headset. Uses same charger as phone w/ adjustable earpiece. Has inline volume controls & call button. Easy, stable pairing and good sound quality.
    -An additional new/sealed Palm Stereo headset w/ inline mic.
    -Palm High Performance stereo earphones w/ inline mic. These are very good quality stereo headphones, better than what Palm includes in the box. comparable to midrange Sony earbuds. Good bass response and only used a few times. They've been fully cleaned! Also included is a Radio Shack 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter in case you want to us these on equipment that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
    -Palm 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter. You can use this to connect any kind of conventional 3.5mm stereo headphones to the phone's 3.5mm jack.

    -Seidio aftermarket stylus + ballpoint pen. Works great, fits in the stylus silo. Metal barrel, writes fine.
    -A 3-pack of retail Palm 750/755 replacement stylus/ballpoint pens (includdes heads for Treo 680/750/755p).
    -A couple of misc. styli (one is a Brando pen/stylus combo with the top cap missing and the other is a shorter stylus that doesn't fit too well in the Treo's silo. I'll toss in any others I come across.

    -Fortte Leather Pouch. Condition is 9/10. Nice quality leather, felt-lined interior with a magnetic clasp at top. No belt clip-this is a case for those who like to carry their devices in their pockets. Condition is 9/10.
    -Tumi Treo leather belt case. Literally perfect & like-new. I used this maybe 2-3 times. Perfect condition and fantastic leather quality. Has a cutout for the speaker so you can hear it ring while it's in the case. Magnetic button closure + integrated belt clip. Condition is 10/10.
    -Case-Mate leather shell case. This is like the classic Vaja cases, just not nearly as expensive. I rate this one as a 9.5/10. Barely used, and a perfect fit around the Treo. Has cutouts for camera & all ports/buttons. Black leather with red fabric interior lining.
    -Seidio Rubberized Shell Case. Black rubberized paint. Allows access to all ports, buttons. 2-piece snap closure design. This one has a few scuffs on it but still works fine. I'd rate its condition as 8/10. It's nice if you want an ultra lightweight shell but I prefer something that covers the screen and also is less likely to come apart if you do happen to drop it.

    Batteries & Chargers:
    -2x (two) Seidio High Capacity 755p Batteries. 2200mAh and fits under the stock battery door. No increase to size or weight to the device! Again, I have two of these. They fit only the 755p. One has about 10 months' use on it, the other has about 6 months' use on it. Both hold a full charge and show no signs of fading.
    -Palm Treo Cradle Kit. Nice heavy desktop cradle. Charges Treo + an extra battery internally at the same time. Can just charge or sync/charge. Condition is perfect, never left my desk.
    -Palm International Travel Charger kit. Has a spare AC charger w/ included adapters to use in other countries. Other country plugs haven't even been opened or used.
    -New Verizon/Palm Hotsync car charger. Used maybe twice. Condition is 10/10.
    -Seidio Replacement battery door. Exact match to the Palm stock battery door, same color and rubberized coating. Condition is 9.5/10, the silkscreened Seidio logo has just rubbed off a little bit. Paint is perfect.
    -An unused 1A AC to Palm MultiConnector power adapter. I think Sprint shipped a different AC adapter with their Treo 650s and needed this adapter to function properly. If you find an AC charger with a female connector with the same specs as the Palm charger, you can use this to charge the device. I'm throwing it in just for good measure.

    Verizon Palm Centro

    Absolutely mint condition. I bought it this spring in like-new condition and used it for a month before I decided to go completely Android. Phone is flawless and in perfect condition cosmetically and functionally. I'd rate it 9.5/10. Includes the stock battery + cover, stylus, sealed & unused Palm stereo headset w/ mic and Palm Hotsync USB cable + AC adapter. Missing the Palm software CD but you can download it all from Palm's support website.

    Keep in mind the Centro comes with a full version of Documents To Go 8 Premium, Astraware Sudoku and Pocket Tunes Deluxe in ROM, so that's about a $70 savings right there b/c every other Palm OS device would require you to purchase those apps separately.

    ESN is clean and ready for activation. This is the LAST smartphone released for Verizon that does not require a mandatory data plan. They grandfathered these + the Treos since this was origianlly released in 2008. You can have a voice-only or voice+ text plan on this phone! You can also put a data block on it to prevent accidental charges if you open up the browser or an app tries to auto-update.

    Also included are:
    -One new Palm screen protector
    -New in sealed retail packaging Palm car charger
    -Sandisk 1GB microSD card
    -Seidio desktop Sync/charge cradle. Includes USB cable. Has a button on it for one-touch synchronization.
    -Palm Bluetooth headset. Mint condition, used only 2 or 3 times. Uses same charger as the Centro.
    -Another sealed/unused Palm stereo headset + mic (same as OEM)
    -I may have an extra stylus or two laying around. If so, I'll throw those in as well.
    $75 shipped OBO

    I have flawless Heatware refs under hkklife (428-0-0) and am a longtime TC member as well as a writer for PalmInfocenter, so you have nothing to worry about. Looking only for payment via PayPal unless we have done business with before or there's reason to send a MO. NO TRADES! I will take a 32GB namebrand microSDHC card or a 32GB fullsize SDHC Class 6 card as partial payment, however

    All prices include shipping with USPS Priority insured with tracking.
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    Bump! Droid bundle sold, other two still available. Prices lowered.
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    Bump. Blackberry Tour sold.

    HD2 price lowered, Nice VZW Centro bundle just added.

    Also added a bad ESN VZW 755p w/ gigantic accessory bundle (worth it just for the extra goodies alone!)!
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