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    My wifes Moment crapped out on her. I am looking to get a new phone as our contract doesnt end for a while. I would prefer that we get a Palm Pre or Pixi, but I guess I would be open to offers. *Limited budget*

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    Check your PM
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    I have a 5 month old pre... Clean esn... In excellent shape. Good slider, no oreo twisting. Solid. Comes with a wall charger and a new car charger (in box new). Will sacrifice for $129... Will ship free priority. Only a small scuff on left edge of screen barely visible. If you put a phantom skin on it this pre will look brand new. Email me. E r a s e f 3 0 1 @ y a h o o . C o m
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    Erasef - Ill keep it in mind, thank you

    mikah912 - PM sent
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    I have a Sprint Palm Pre in great condition. it comes complete with box/manuals and all original accessories plus a car charger. It also has the invisible shield full body coverage. I'll take pictures if requested. I'll part with it for $100. PM if interested, and happy hunting
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    PM sent Anarchy
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    What is PM?
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    private message.
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    wow.. apparently there are no motivated sellers on here. Ive got Pms out to like 6 people regrading pres... and none of the have PMed me back...
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    I've got a Palm Pre (Sprint) that was only ever used for development. Comes with original box + cables, is in great condition and I'm also giving away the touchstone that I have for free.
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    ive bought a phone. thanks for all your PMs

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