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    Title says it all Looking for the original Palm Pre stereo headset that comes w/ the phone, think the model is #3422WW. (Not sure if the Pixi's come with the same ones?)

    Need 2-4 of them

    Please pm if you have any - thanks!

    Oops, meant to type WTB in title
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    <<fixed title>>
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    um, why? Just curious...
  5. #6 Palm Stereo Headset for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Service

    I ordered a couple of them about 2 months ago. Best Price I've found, brand new, and work great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    um, why? Just curious...
    Why? Because they are awesome!
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    Ugh, I know lol..for some insane reason bf uses + LOVES them + needs replacements. Thanks for the link; assumed 99% of people here never used them so might have some extras lol

    He keeps saying all BT headsets don't sit in the ear, like these do? LOL

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