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    Beiks, MedicineNet announced today the availability of MedicineNet's Pocket Medical Encyclopedia for Pocket PC and Palm OSŪ handhelds. Based on's award-winning, doctor-produced online medical dictionary, the encyclopedia is a comprehensive consumer medical reference with over 10,000 entries and allows for easy access by mobile users such as healthcare professionals and students. The Pocket Medical Encyclopedia, developed by Beiks, LLC, a leading mobile applications developer, is available for download for $49.95.

    Beiks' universal Dictionary Reader BDicty (pronounced "bi-dikti") will host this rich medical reference. The encyclopedia entries are not only the usual standard medical terms but also pertinent scientific items, abbreviations, acronyms, jargon, institutions, projects, symptoms, syndromes, eponyms, medical history -- all having to do with medicine and the biomedical sciences, particularly anything of value and of current interest. MedicineNet's Pocket Medical Encyclopedia is written entirely by U.S. board-certified physicians to be used by everyone concerned about health -their health and the health of those that matter to them.

    The Pocket Medical Encyclopedia is available now and can be purchased and downloaded through and

    About Beiks, LLC
    Beiks, LLC is a Dallas, TX corporation specializing in mobile applications for reference, education and entertainment. Established in 1997, Beiks is home of the second oldest and possibly the most popular Palm OSŪ dictionary reader BDicty. Hundreds of language, medical and other specialized dictionaries were developed and are offered, some commercial, some - free.

    Company partners include Palm, Handspring, Microsoft, PalmGear, PalmBrasil, LightBulb Press, Franklin Electronic Publishers, Green Maple and others.

    About MedicineNet, Inc.
    MedicineNet, Inc. is an on-line healthcare publishing company, creating proprietary consumer information that is 100% produced by a network of 70+ U.S. board-certified physicians. Since 1996, it has been the trusted source for easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information via a network of robust, user-friendly, interactive websites found at

    Palm OS is a registered trademark of Palm, Inc.
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