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    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, been hoping VZW would throw some more TS sales out. The bundle that up until today (maybe earlier this week I know the end of last week it wasn't this cheap) was 19.99 is now on sale for $9.99 with free overnight shipping.

    From the thread about the Pixi TS backs and TS, someone did report that the VZW car charger will work with the TS.

    Happy ordering folks.

    Ohhh and the link:
    Set Your Location
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    thanks! i just ordered 2 of them
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    So did I, had ordered 2 back when they were going with the Pixi backs, the wife and I love em. Got one for my car now and one for work (will still have to buy the power plug for work), think I may buy one more for the wife for her car.... then I just gonna figure out what I do with 5 total micro usb car chargers (already have 2 Palm branded ones).

    Eh at least micro (or any USB) is a universal technology, I will find uses. =)
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    thanks! I've developed the small USB door crack and was looking to add a third touchstone.

    10 bucks, great!!!
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    Did they end it already? When I clicked the link I didn't see anything related to palm or the touchstone. Then when looking for the ts, I only found a listing for the ts standalone for 19.99
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    I had to do the following to get it to work:

    1) Go Select Palm Pre Plus as the phone
    2) Then go Link to Accessory Bundle
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    Werd, you may have to select by device.... then once you have selected by device, then from drop down "chargers & batteries), the first page you will only see touchstone (on sale for 19.99), then click "see all desktop chargers" .... then you should see it.

    Their web site is kinda funky.... had a hard time finding the pixi bundle a few weeks back as well, until I got used to how to find things. Don't think you can direct link to it (it's all based on your cookies).
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    Shop by type, then you will see Chargers & Batteries

    FYI, if you select Pixi it won't show the bundle (just checked). Wanted to give everyone a heads up since I have mentioned the old Pixi bundle a couple times.
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    I just ordered 2 as well. I tried getting a couple promo codes from retailmot but they did not work even though they should have : ( Still $9.99 is insane! I remember about a year ago Verizon did a clearance on Palm Centro cases and they were like 99 cents! Verizon and older Palm products = massive savings!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Shop by type, then you will see Chargers & Batteries

    FYI, if you select Pixi it won't show the bundle (just checked). Wanted to give everyone a heads up since I have mentioned the old Pixi bundle a couple times.
    The way I did it was I made the Pre my device then when on the accessories main page it shows in the upper right hand corner the Palm Pre Plus being my device. So then you just look on the bottom right hand corner of this page and you will see More Accessories. Under that you will see browse bundles. In there you will see a $9.99 option for the touchstone and car charger. Then a $14.99 option for a touchstone, car charger, and some leather looking case. Hope this was helpful!
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    Thanks Thrasher..... yeah I am not familiar with VZW site at all, so I had just muddled my way thru it when I heard about the last deal..... I would have hit the one with the case for $5 extra, but the wife and I are both running hard cases (then I use a generic BB softcase for when the phone goes in my pocket).
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    Ohhh BTW, if anyone has any issues with their product, VZW in store return was cake.

    We had one touchstone that had the 100% charging issue where it would constantly disconnect when either phone hit 100% charge. Wife went into the store with the receipt from the package and was in an out with a brand new exchange.

    As always YMMV, but this was my first ever purchase from VZW and was happy the online to in store exchange was hassle free (note we were within our 30 days).
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    fantastic, just ordered 2 myself.
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    great deal! Just ordered 2 of them. Thanks for the heads up!
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    nice find! Just got me 1
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    Thanks OP.

    I got a couple of Touchstones from Radio Shack when I bought my Pre for $15, but this is much cheaper. Bought two more as spares and for my travel bag
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    Sweet. Now I have a TS for my office desk, my nightstand, and now my car.
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    Thanks just ordered my third TS. Have one in my office, bedroom and now my car.
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    Just ordered mine!
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    Just ordered two! Thanks OP! That will make a total of FIVE touchstones in my house!
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