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    i can't make it link to the bundle *confused*.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quills View Post
    i can't make it link to the bundle *confused*.
    neither can I, but that may be because I have 3 number + 3 letter postal code...

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    Set Your Location

    Just in case anyone is interested.

    If that link doesn't work, just search by model and you'll see it.

    Sprint Love
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    Great price, but that pouch is ugly!
    I like meeting new friends, follow me on twitter->

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    this is also listed on good find.... won't last long.. but in 5 days who knows whats going to happen... we all may throw our pre's in the trash
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    Nice tip. If only they had included an AC adapter...

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    you can get a genuine Palm adapter and usb cable delivered from for less than $10 total. I have one for all of my touch stones. Must be 7 or 8 of them around here now.
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    once you have entered your state or zip code, click the link in this post again and it will take you to the bundle. If you don't have a US zipcode, just put in a valid US zip code...

    And then click this link again:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManyCowsMoo View Post
    This deal is still live. I just ordered one a few minutes ago, in case anyone's wondering!
    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    this is also listed on good find....
    Can someone post the link again? It's still not working for me.
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