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    Works fine. More than fine. It is tight (no Oreo), and works perfectly.

    My cousin was a dumb-***, though, and did something I didn't even know he did until he decided to give me the phone to sell (he is HTC now. Traitor!): he put SUPERGLUE on the front when he put a front case on. What was he thinking? When he removed the case, the superglue residue remained. Duh!

    Superglue residue can be removed with some patience, and careful use of soap, alcohol, and/or a application of acetone (care must be taken, since acetone will melt the plastic of the phone!).

    The screen has several scratches. The back is near mint. If you have a phone that needs an OEM back, or have a non-working phone that will give up its OEM front, you are in business that way, as well.

    It needs a battery. It needs a USB cable for PC hookup and charging.

    Included would be the ORIGINAL packaging and manual. A Palm pouch (in decent shape) will be included as well, just because.

    $50, or best offer made by 4pm July 31st, EDT. PayPal verified on my end, seeking same. USPS money order may be accepted from certain buyers. Shipping charge of $6.00 will be added to the agreed-upon price.
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    Is the phone still available? Does it work? What do you mean by bad esn?
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    He means that the ESN is tied to a dead beat owner who didn't pay his bills. Therefore until Sprint receives restitution for the account they will not active the phone (generally under any circumstances) on their network.
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