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    Hi All, Ive just bought an AT&T Pre Plus and no longer need my O2 pre! It is locked to O2, but comes with a rebel sim and this works perfectly.
    Im from Sydney, but I can post it anywhere you would like.
    I would definitely call it well loved, a couple of bumps and scratches here and there, plus I have had the screen replaced due to a drop.
    Otherwise, all the actual devices functions work perfectly.
    Let me know what you are willing to offer!
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    why dont you donate it to Ron Whitby of OS Internals? I think he lives in Australia, too.
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    I don't know. Always something to be said for selling something that you paid $700 for only 8 months ago.
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    to be fair though, i will be hitting the donate button next pay day. He deserves my money more than palm does.

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