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    Ice cradle - $14 delivered

    Travel sync cable - $12 deliveredNEW

    Visorphone - no chip phone and charger only - $25 delivered globally - I know they're free, but you need service activation Sold

    Handspring slip cover - the one we all got with the Visor - $3 delivered

    Plat case - slight scratch - $20 delivered in contintal US

    Digitizer/display BW - Excellent condition - $45 delivered Sold

    2 x Vdx button board - $10 each delivered Both Sold

    Neo/Plat button board - $15 delivered - assy # 03-0123 NEW ADDITION!
    Note: I've used this with a Deluxe mb, and it worked just fine.

    Vdx motherboard - $20 delivered Sold

    Palm Pilot 1000 with Pro upgrade - has crystal case - includes travel sync cable & original chip and Winn leather tri-fold case- $25 delivered
    This one's hitting ebay in a few days

    I want to clear out my desk... make me an offer.

    I'll take trades of SD/MMC cards, CF cards, other modules - I'd love a SpeedLoader2!
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    Im interested in your visor phone for sale but was wondering what company you had service through before? I'm in California and I just want tomake sure I can get service with it out here.

    And it works right?
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    I never had service.... I got it in a package deal.

    You can check here to see what service is available in your area.
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    You have mail re the Visorphone mate
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    is that a visor digitizer/display (the whole unit?) Which is is out of?
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    Originally posted by kokigami
    is that a visor digitizer/display (the whole unit?) Which is is out of?
    Still available - display out of a Visor Deluxe. It's the whole assembly that slides into the top of the cover - display and digitizer. Works with Plat/Deluxe/Solo/Neo/Pro

    Price listed includes delivery within continental US.
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    Majic - my response bounced.

    Yes, the MB is still available!
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    4wheeler...sent you email yesterday about MB...magic
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    Originally posted by magic
    4wheeler...sent you email yesterday about MB...magic
    hotmail's been flakey the past few days - I never got it.

    Try me at maurice_cox(at)
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