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    Having made the brutal decision to move back into cheaper, dumb-phone territory, I am selling my pristine and well-loved Sprint Pre, along with many extras i have for the phone, for $150.

    And since I have enjoyed my time at PreCentral, I'd rather see it go to someone on here than a random Ebayer.

    As pictured below, I am selling (from a non-smoking home):

    1. A Sprint Pre, less than a year of use, tight slider, no discernible wear or tear. Newly Doctored.

    2. Touchstone back.

    3. Touchstone and extra cable (forgot to include the extra cable in the picture, sorry).

    4. Original AC adapter/cable.

    4. An extra OEM battery, along with the original battery.

    5. A Seidio 2600 cell extended battery, along with the extended battery cover.

    6. Pre bag (that comes with the Pre)

    7. Remains of a Pre case... the back fits just fine, the front lost a tab or two and sits loose.

    As you can see, it's quite a bit of stuff. I'm looking for $150/OBO, to make up for my ETF with Sprint, especially with all of the extra batteries and backings, touchstone, ect. Please PM me and we'll work out the details.
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    I just broke mine so you have a PM.
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    Sold yet?
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    Does this include a Seidio Innocase Surface Extended case that fits over the phone with the extended battery?
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    5. A Seidio 2600 cell extended battery, along with the extended battery cover.
    I'm gonna have to say yes.
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    The description says battery cover but it doesn't mention if it comes with the extended case which protects the whole phone.

    It seems to be in the picture I just want to make sure.
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    Duh, sorry, I go back to my hole now.
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    No prob
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    Still have it?

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