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    Want a Verizon Storm 2. Thanks.
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    So i haven't got any takers. Could be because of the content of first post (could be because no one wants to trade). Well - I have pictures if anyone would like to see. Also - a little about the Pre Plus. It is a "certified like new replacement" from Verizon that I received about 3-4 weeks ago. The keyboard on my original was glitchy to say the least. The screen has had a screen protector since i received it. I did drop it once and it has a tiny scuff on side below mic. I bought a second battery so that comes with as well. Came with touchstone back and soft pouch. Still have box and all owner manual.

    I love my Pre but want to go back to Blackberry as my company is switching to that and i would like to have one to help off site people walk through menus when they have issues.

    I am in Kansas City so if anyone looking is in the area that would be nice. Local would be a lot easier for all involved. Never done a trade through the mail and will want to speak on phone to figure out safest and best way to do it.
    Thanks for looking.
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    phone is gone.

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