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    Hi, I'm looking for a visor edge flip cover for a friend. He would like either silver or red. Is anyone interested in selling? Or... does anyone know where to get one besides Thanks!
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    The silver covers are easy to find. Red's a little more difficult.

    Try They had several silver in stock at $4.99.
    They didn't have any Blue ones that I was looking for, but I picked up an Edge leather case plus spare springboard slot for a total of $7. I've been stocking up on Edge accessories since they became discontinued. I need to keep my baby going...

    I managed to get a blue cover from Think they had red too. Prices were reasonable. I think the cover was $10 and $4 for shipping. Half of what it cost at I couldn't believe they wanted $8 for shipping something you probably could put one stamp on.

    Good luck.

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    Originally posted by mjd1969
    The silver covers are easy to find. Red's a little more difficult.
    I used to see a number of red ones at CompUSA. Haven't looked much since I decided not to get the Edge ~6 months ago.
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    Thanks for the heads up about first in technology. Red flip cover came to about 15 including shipping which is a hell of a lot better than 28 from Handspring. I really appreciate your help and Joe (my friend) will be excited when he sees the red cover Thanks again.
    Q--- He had tried to order from compusa, but they sold out while he was checking out! Thanks anyway
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    My wife just broke the hinge on her visor edge (silver) cover anyone know where to get a news one nowadays?


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