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    Item Description: Sprint HTC Hero ROOTED Clean ESN
    Price: Trade
    Rate it: 7/10
    What it comes with: Original box, charger, usb cable
    Item location: North Central WI
    Shipping Details: can ship anywhere in US with tracking info
    Payment Options: Paypal
    Contact Info: mfldmike (at) gmail (dot) com ***OR***PM for Phone

    I would like a to trade this for a Palm Pre or MAYBBE a Pixi or even a Blackberry, it all depends what you have, I'm just looking for a different phone.

    EVERYTHING works perfectly on the phone

    I'm sure that if you need the specs. most people would just "hit-up"'s a phone and it does what is supposed to do.

    The phone IS rooted and comes with a custom ROM...the ESN is also clean and ready to be activated.

    I'm a good standing member at and this is listed over there as well, WITH PICTURES. I can't post any pics here cause I don't have enough posts, if you want to see some just let me know OR JUST HEAD OVER TO PPCGEEKS.
    It's the beginning of the end.
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    email sent
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    Trade for a Tour?
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    I'll trade
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    I've got a pre with the touchstone I'd be willing to trade
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    PM Sent.

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