A couple of weeks ago I managed to drop my Visor Platinum and ruin the screen. Last week my wife "surprised" me with a new PDA, however this is not Handspring. Needless to say, all the accessories I purchased for my Visor are not longed needed.

This is what the package includes:

- Targus Stowaway keyboard
- Xircom 56K modem
- Handspring Backup Module
- Handspring Bi-Fold Leather Case
- HotSync Cable
- Serial Cradle

If were to buy all this at www.handspring.co.uk it would cost you over 250. You can have them now for just 120. Everything is working and you can try them before you buy them. In top of that you can have for free a couple of spare Styli and an extra USB Cradle!!!

If you are interested, send me an email to gajipa@hotmail.com