Hello i am fairly new to the Precentral forum...I wanted to provide my modification services to you. If you are looking into buying a Naztech Holster charger and also want the cover to work with the Touchstone i will modify the Touchstone cover to work with the Naztech charger. I will be offering the modification service for a total of $16.00 dollars which includes shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. If you really want this mod. done and you do not live in these states then maybe we can come up with a plan.

If you will like i can provide the NAZTECH Holster and the Mod. for $73.00 dollars.(Which includes shipping)- I would like a week in advance for this option just in case i do not have the parts in stock.

The $16.00 dollar mod will include the modification service. You must send me the Touchstone Backcover and the Naztech back cover.

You may email me or for a faster reply you may text me at (773)809-0894 any time and i will answer your text as soon as possible.

I will include pictures of the mod. later due to me not having a camera at the moment