I am trying to get hold of one of the Handspring Folio Modulecases as shown on the Handspring web site. It's the one that has room for the Visor, keyboard, plus loads of space for other modules, headphones, etc. According to their web site it retails at $39.99.


Unfortunately Handspring.com won't ship outside the US and Handspring.co.uk don't list this case on their web site. How annoying is that?

Has anyone got one they want to get rid of? Alternatively, would anyone be willing to try and get hold of one for me and ship it on to the UK? Obviously I'll pay the shipping costs, plus a little bit extra for yourself for your time and effort.

I did email CompUSA last week, as they are listing the same case for (wait for it!) $9.99. OK, so that's an open box item, but even so it's quite a difference!


Unfortunately no reply yet.

If anyone would be willing to help, please email me directly at bigjules@ntlworld.com