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    this is new out of the box with factory plastics still all over it. i also have the battery and charger/usb data cord still factory wrapped. I'm looking for $185.68 shipped covers the Paypal fee's and shipping fee's. which is a pretty good deal considering its about $10 dollars then getting it with a 2 year contract.

    Paypal only MO's take to much time.

    New to this site but I have flawless 87 ebay feedback. Will take a pic of the phone with my user name if needed. and if need be i can do this transaction with you on ebay with buy it now.. but you will have to cover the ebay fee's.

    so I'm legit. Any takers?
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    no ones looking for a fresh pre?
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    AT&T or Sprint?
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    Any pics? Clean ESN? Was this a replacement etc?
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    Yes clean ESN, phones legit, I do a lot of business with Dealers.. buying and selling phones. This game with one of my orders. I really don't deal with Palm that much. Everythings factory wrapped including the phone.

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    my post count isn't at 10 so it wouldn't let me post the full link, so just copy and paste in between the stars into the browser head
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    Sent PM
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    PMed back, waiting on a confirmation on a deal with DJeremyC, But phone is still up for grabs until someone buys it 100%
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    Sorry, wife kinda stopped the deal, kids going to the doctor today instead...DOH! Sorry for the delay. Good luck on the sale!
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    lets go buy this now people!!
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    i know someone wants a nice new preeeee?
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    I don't think it's a new phone. The plastic on the front of it looks like the way refurbs come.
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    i bet it is, because i made sure friday, and when somone's ready to buy we can confirm the esn numbers again. now gerry baby do you have any money for me? or are you just flaming the thread if you're not buying see ya later
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    bump still for sale
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    bump bump pow
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    Is this phone unlocked/flashed?
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    no it's not
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