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    Pre was purchased on Fri 6/11/10. I've been using it since then but is in mint condition and works perfectly with no keyboard issues so far! Has been updated to Has a few patches & one minimal theme I created installed, but I can doctor it if requested. I'm including orig box & all orig accessories that came with it plus a touchstone. There's a screen protector installed with no bubbles or scratches. Pics available.

    I'm looking for a Moto Droid or HTC Incredible in excellent shape, fully functional, a clear ESN, and at least the original home charger. Would like to see a couple of pics.

    My eBay ID is iplaygolf if you would like to check my credibility. I work for FedEx Express & we get a huge shipping discount so I will ship the Pre out overnight service so you'll receive it in 1 day! I also request to speak to whoever the deal goes down to on the phone before we ship out just for verification.

    email me @, text me @ (334) 648-6551, or PM me if you're interested. Only serious inquiries please. Thanks!
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    I also want a BB Storm 2 so if you are interested in that trade let me know...
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    and, of course, cash is always

    will sell all for $200 (paypal only..its a different email address than the one in op) shipped overnight via FedEx with tracking number
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    last chance before it goes locally on craigslist.

    taking cash or trade offers...
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    Have any pics?
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    absolutely. I'm on the road all day so I'll post em tonite when I get home or I can email em to ya on my lunch break.
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    there's 3 pics posted here:

    my laptop died before I could get em posted on here but I'll get em on here tonight. I'll take $140 shipped overnight for everything listed in op (paypal addy is I have someone interested on crackberry as well so I'll take interests as they come in.

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