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    Hi Guys!

    I did the unthinkable.. EVO. I may come back when Palm/HP releases the next Pre. But in the meantime, for all of you watching the "mount a touchstone in your car" threads like this one:

    This may be the deal for you. What we have is a Brodit (euro Pro-clip) mount with a touchstone permanently epoxied in place. (I live in FL, no heat worries. This baby's not coming loose!) You can either leave the cord free or run it through the dash as I did in the pic. I'll include the instructions, and everything you need.

    I'm thinking $35 + shipping, since the mounts alone range from $30-40... let me know what you guys think.
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    I'm interested, but your picture confuses me somewhat. Can you provide a picture from the side? Or a Brodit model number? It doesn't look like any of the clips that I see online. Also, it looks like the Pre would be angled down, making it hard to view while driving. Is that adjustable at all?
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