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    My son is looking to buy a Sprint Pre. We are not close to our renewal. He currently has the BB curve (older version). He originally wanted the Pixi, but with no Wifi, I think the Pre is a better choice. We have been looking on Ebay. It doesn't have to be new. Just decent condition and working.
    Anyone looking to sell a Pre?
    Any suggestions or words of adive buying a used one off Ebay?
    I have bought used phones in the past from Ebay, but I was with Tmobile and just inserted my SIM card and good to go. Do I just call Sprint when he gets the phone?
    I have gotten some great advice from this site, so I'm reaching out.
    I have a Pre, and besides a few issues, I'm happy. Battery life issues and calendar issues. I love the home brew apps and patches.
    Appreciate the help.
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    I would try also
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    My friend got his pre plus off of Craigslist for $125, I would suggest looking there before ebay.
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    I have purchase 4 Sprint Pre phones and so I have experience doing this. The best way that has worked for me is using Craigslist to find a local seller then meet them at the Sprint store and let them check it out for you and add it to your account. This prevents any issues with bad ESN numbers.
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    Thanks for the advice. Found one on Craigslist. Met the at the local Sprint store. They check it all out and activated the phone before I exchanged money. Now, my son, my wife, and I all have Pres. Plus my son was very happy. Instant.

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