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    I need help,

    How to Buy from At&t Palm Pre Plus without Contract?

    I tried, But it says that I have to select a plan.

    How to do that?

    Please help me,
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    Click the chat button and have customer service help you. Or, call their cust service department and they can help you.

    They don't have an order path on their site for buying a phone without a plan.
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    Didnt find a chat button on site.

    Can u link / tell me where it is?

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    when you are in the order path and just sit at a screen, a timer pops up asking if you want to chat with a svc rep. You can also call them
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    this is 24/7 Chat service?
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    dunno. They are standing by now...
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    Hey, I bought mine for 399 w/tax at the store
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fountainhead View Post
    Hey, I bought mine for 399 w/tax at the store
    I sent u private msg..
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    "No Commitment Pricing" is a link. When you click on it, it tells you you can buy it for that price at the local store.

    Chat link is about 1" above the price amounts. Right below the shopping cart icon.

    hope that helps.

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