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    I believe this is my first post/thread here, but may also be my last...

    ...Because there was no place for a WTS/WTB post, I'll do it in the most obvious place.

    Here's the deal. I have a Nexus One and I also had an upgrade through at&t. I was a little 'eh' with the Nexus One, so I upgraded my contract to get the Palm Pre +. I used it for a week and i hate it. Love the form factor, slide out keyboard, hate the OS. Apps are terrible, homebrew was alright, but still not enough to suffice my needs as a hardcore user. and i also LOVE the toouchstone, but thats not enough to keep me :/ The worst thing of all was the battery. Holy crap, i would get half a day (six hours) without even moderately using it. It angered me, so i reverted back to the Nexus One and i fell in love with it once more. It does everything i could ask for and more, and i would literally trust my life (in sticky situations) with the device, because it does a LOT of useful things, that, if i were ever in a pickle, i could probably get out of it.

    So, enough said about the Nexus One.

    I am selling my (basically new) Palm Pre + for at&t, locked. no scratches, OTB condition.

    Plus there are tons of accessories/extras.

    Whats included:
    1x Palm Pre +
    1x USB Cable
    1x Travel Charger (AC Adapter)
    1x Stock pair of earbuds
    Manuals, warranty info, and at&t info, QuickStart guide, and "texting and driving... it can wait" pamphlet.
    1x Touchstone Charging Dock w/Touchstone How-to/Warranty.
    2x Battery Covers; One blacked out, one normal (mirrored letters and camera outline
    2x Battery (brand new)

    Restored to factory defaults, this package is yours for $350-$400 plus shipping. I will ship anywhere one desires.

    let me know, text me, call me, email me. PM for my details.

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