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    Bought two at Radio Shack a week or two ago. Paid $22 each. Keeping one for myself, of course. Shipping will prolly be around $5, but it's FREE to you.

    I was going to list this on eBay, but it's only fair that P|C members get priority, right?

    Asking $30, but will more than likely take a "next best" offer.

    Just lemme know here or PM or whatever. Don't be afraid if it takes me until midnight to respond. I've got a new job doing oil cleanup, so not a whole lotta time for me nowadays.
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    last week i would of jumped on this like (can't think of a good metaphor, will edit post later)

    This week, as a student I've screwed some things up big time, and don't feel like rewarding myself...
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    I'd be happy to unload one for 25$.... Not much more than cost + shipping tho...
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    Alright, Rossm... It's yours if you want it.

    Hopefully this rain will keep up and I'll be able to get exact shipping cost for you.
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    Well, I haven't heard anything from Rossm,so if I don't hear from him today, then I'll send it to the next person in line.

    $27 shipped to the continental states.
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    Aright... ex-nay on the Marketplace- okay?

    Just listed it on eBay instead. Highest bidder can win.

    Palm Pre Touchstone Kit Brand New. Fastest Shipping - eBay (item 330440175506 end time Jun-07-10 18:23:57 PDT)

    Somebody already bid in the first 20 min or so. He's in the lead with a whole penny!!!

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