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    Phone in excellent condition. It was replaced a few weeks ago. It's one of the "good" ones that has zero slider wobble. I installed a skinomi screen protector (the clean looking one with out the crappy edges that don't stick) as soon as I got the phone, so screen is perfect.

    The only patches I applied were aesthetic (launcher, email, messaging app). The processor has not been tampered with.

    I'll ship Priority Mail as early as Friday June 4th.

    $100 includes the following:

    Palm Pre (clean ESN, very good condition), I will Doctor it to before shipping it - so 100% OEM.
    Touchstone backplate
    Wall charger
    OEM headphones
    Original box/manual/packaging
    OEM soft pouch case
    Smart Phone Experts molded leather slip-case included
    Shipping included to US destination

    First come first served -

    Thanks -
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    ill take it pm sent
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    There will be so many Pre's on the market after Friday they will be giving them away....good luck trying to sell it. The shack will give you $67 for the pre only.
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    Still for sale. I forgot to mention I have the OEM soft case as well as a Smart Phone Experts molded-leather slip case that are included.

    PM me if interested.
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    Please pm me with transaction details!
    I got the money ready to go as i am in dire need of a new pre seeing as how i dropped mine and my screen shattered.
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    If you're still selling. I'm interested. PM Sent.
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    still availabe?
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    PM sent

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