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    Hello Everybody!
    I've finally decided to make the jump from my trusty Neo to a Treo 90, so I need to sell my old stuff.....(man that was poorly worded, oh well in a hurry).

    So here is what I have to sell:
    - One Blue Visor Neo in good shape with some scratches w/ box, cradle, manuals and even original wrapping materials for WAS $100USD, NOW $80 (obo.)
    - One Vaja Green/Brown snap case with no beltclip, fits standard visors and has received moderate use though still in great shape for $20USD (obo.)
    - One Visor Gameface in excellent like new shape with Zap!2000 software but no box for $5USD (obo.)
    - [SOLD] One Parafone cordless phone module in great shape for $45USD (obo.)

    If you buy the Neo I will throw the gameface and what's left of my writeright stock (about 9 I think) for free and give you the option of buying the vaja case for an only $10 ($90 in total).

    Please email me with your offers by clicking the button below or sending me an email at
    Thank you in advance for supporting the "Get Alex a Treo Foundation"

    **Prices updated**
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    SOLD!!! To the lady in the back with the blue shirt! Thank you all for your inquiries, unfortunately I only had one to sell those of you who didn't get my Neo, hope you have better luck acheiving one in the future...

    P.S. Anyone selling a Treo 90?
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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    Hi folks,

    I've decided to focus solely on the Neo. Since I'm acquiring Neos for a special needs group, would appreciate postings on this board from:
    1. anyone who has one for sale
    2. any good Neo web deals you find (I'm a "motor-vehicle-free" person so only shop on-line)

    Now to the Ice Blue Deluxe:

    It has been a trusty ebook reader, well cared for, and, IMHO, still has lots of miles left.

    Comes with all the original stuff - except the plastic hardcover ... but I'm including the padded reversible (black/grey) sport slipcase to make up for it. It's pretty nice.

    The price? $50.00 (I'll pay shipping) via Paypal.
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    I have a Neo for sale. It's about 3 months old. Not much use, in excellent condition. I would like $85 for it. Let me know.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for the great response on the Neo's. I've now got enough for the special needs group and one left over -which Ill be glad to have as a back-up.

    Thanks again.

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