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    I want to trade my 2 weeks old Palm Pre Plus for a Motorola Droid (or Eris) if anyone is interested. I have everything it came in the box brand new because i didn't used them (I used my sprint pre cable/charger with the pre plus)

    The Droid/Eris must be in MINT condition w/o scratches or anything. If anyone is interested PM me. (I am not looking for cash just a trade)

    *The reason i'm trading it is because i already made an exchange and verizon is not willing to exchange it again so i have to trade it* :P
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    This is too weird. This was posted at the same time...
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    lol he's looking for a a pre and i'm looking for a droid.. similar but he hasn't logged in for a week and a half so i did my own thread so people can see what i'm looking for. I asked him if his trade is still available but i don't know if he's gonna reply to me so that's why I posted my own.

    *hope there's no problem with me posting a similar thread*
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    Quote Originally Posted by liljoepr View Post

    *hope there's no problem with me posting a similar thread*
    Actually it kinda violates the forums guidelines...
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    Well if it does i'm sorry and if the people in charged of this forum thinks that i'm fine with them removing it. Until then I'll wait for someone INTERESTED in my trade to PM me. Thanks
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    Updated with picture if want to see more just let me know

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