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  1.    #1 released a new product for Handspring Treo - Treo ringtone collection.

    This collection contains over 700 ringtones separated on 14 categories: Films and TV, Pop Music, Beatles, Classical Music, 70's Music, National Anthems, RAP Music, Rock and Metal, Bollywood (Indian), Christmas/New Year, Chinese Music, Japanese Music, St. Patrick's Day, Metallica Collection.

    The full version costs USD $9.95

    Download or purchase Treo Ringtones Collection here
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    Originally posted by palmgsm
    Download Over 700 Ringtones to Your Handspring Treo

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
    -Dan Quayle
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    Can ya play all 700 at once? please?
    The light at the end of your tunnel has been disconnected due to non-payment. Please remit funds immediately for restoration of hope.
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    Can ya play all 700 at once? please?
    Now that would be a unique many other people do you know that have a ringtone consisting of 700 songs playing at once?

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