Check the 'cases and bags' section for PDA cases (there are at least 4 there) and other cool stuff- several bags offered are perfect for accessories, etc. and they have several laptop cases as well. OTTER BOXES- $6.95 for Medium (blue and yellow only)!!

Levingers offers wonderful things- good leather, luxurious craftsmanship, beautiful gift-like packaging... and they have great clearance prices!

I had an e-Case before and the workmanship is superb! My ONLY concern about the case is that it is about 4.5" wide- over an inch wider than most Palm PDA's- although it DOES allow for a thick pen beside it!

I just ordered a 'soft-side PDA case for $5.95, an Otter Box for $6.95, and a leather "side pocket" organiser pouch for $9.95. With shipping- about $27. If I could have afforded regular prices, it woulda run about $90!