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    i no longer have the Pre so i dont need this stuff in my drawer anymore, lol.

    2 rocketfish(best buy brand) car chargers
    1 3800mAh battery
    1 extended battery cover


    dont have a pic of the 2 car chargers but can get one if needed.
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    am interested, do you still have them?
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    I'll take for $60
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickjrtile View Post
    I'll take for $60
    plus $30 S&H for that monster. Wow, that could probably start your car!
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    doesn't it say $50 including shiping
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    paypal is

    (there are no spaces and no numbers in my email, only done to prevent bots. numbers are sub'ed for the letter they most closely match.)

    ill ship to whatever address you send with payment and ill ship this afternoon.
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    done. See email
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    address is different than what paypal says. I sent you direct email with new address
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    got and got, ive never gotten a e-check payment from paypal before but paypal suggests waiting until find are in my account to ship product to make sure everything goes through, 3-5days, so ill ship as soon as the funds are in my account.

    items SOLD.
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    same here. Fine with me. Just let me know when you get funds
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    bump, payment fell through from Nick and now he doesnt want it. so, still available.
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