I want to sell my iPhone 3G 8GB running OS 4 beta 3. It is registered as a developer device and is jailbroken so it can "multitask" and have backgrounds. The registration as a developer device does not go away when you install the new betas or final OS 4.

I am asking $250 and I will be buying a non-committal Pre Plus with it

PM me if you are interested. It is in near perfect shape, some scuffs on the back but nothing major. Just got it replaced three months ago under warranty.

Nice thing about OS 4 and this phone is that if you buy it not from AT&T, you can just block the data. That is right, in OS 4 you can turn OFF cellular data. Good for kids. Give them an iPhone 3G with a decent camera they can use as an iPod and WiFi for apps.