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    Read "Reason for Editing"
    Last edited by NM08SRT8; 05/24/2010 at 09:01 AM. Reason: Users of Pre Central are too poor to afford anything outside of a busted *** Pre.
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    Shoot me "obo's" guys.. Entertain me with reasonable offers.
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    $250 or trade for a Blackberry Bold 9650 on Sprint
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    whos gonna pay 250 for that?

    when one can get an Evo for 199
    yea..with a contract but I do plan on having wireless service for the rest of my life
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    How about someone not in contract? How about someone not wanting to spend a extra $10 a month? How about someone who doesn't want a phone as big as the Evo?

    The price and what is offered for this phone is more than adequate. Not to mention the little "obo" at the end of the price.

    If you are not interested in my item, please, do not thread crap. Show some respect. Thanks.
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    shouldn't you be listing this on

    most people PREcentral are interested in the PRE/Pixi and webOS.

    ...just sayin'
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    Um, lol, I have this on PPC Geeks and I have offers and interest too. I don't care what the site specializes in.. if someone see's it, and is interested, they will get it. Notice how you have BB's and Moments on here? The interest is there.

    Oh yeah, "...just sayin' "
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    250? Aaahahahhahaha what a joke
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    yeah, I wasn't going to respond... But with the post right above, this phone is NOT worth $250 buddy, not even close to $175...

    if you want this to sell, you're talking about $150

    'just sayin as well
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    Well considering I have a offer of $240 locally, I really couldn't care less. I know you all are stuck in pre-resale land here.

    This is why I'm so glad I got rid of my Pre, and not be associated with the community on here. No one has any respect.

    I shouldn't have posted it here I guess. I should have known you Pre owners couldn't afford a good quality phone.

    OP removed.
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    id rather pay $100 for an upgrade tho congrats on getting that price

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