Stowaway Portable Keyboard for Handspring Visor

PRICE: $60 (includes s/h)

Product website lists features, technical specs, documentation, etc.

"Works with Handspring Visor handhelds running Palm OS v3.1 or greater. NOT compatible with the Visor Edge or Treo." - Website

  • Still-sealed box.
  • Original receipt included (for warranty purposes).
  • Purchased on February 3rd, 2002.
  • Purchased during OfficeDepot's Handspring liquidation for a good price, knowing that if I didn't find a need for it within a month or two (and probably never), then I could still sell it "unopened". Finally getting around to selling it.

Price includes:
  • shipping: UPS (prefered) or FedEx ground shipping within continental US
  • handling: secure packing (bubble wrap & cardboard box)

Payable by check, money order, or cashier's check. Sorry, PayPal not accepted. If paying by check, please allow up to 5 days for the check to clear (hopefully less, though).

I will ship the product after I receive payment (money order, cashier's check) or it clears (personal check).

Contact me either at undefined(at) or through VisorCentral's "Private Messages" (though email is prefered over "private messages").