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    04 July 2002, Dallas, TX) Beiks has just released a new version of its popular action game Karateka, aimed at Handspring Treo users. It allows players to use the keyboard keys to control the game, relaxing them from the somewhat inconvenient twists they have to make in order to play the game with the hardware buttons.

    Users with snap-on keyboards should also be getting advantage of the new feature.

    Old users do not need to download and install this update as it does not bring new functional improvements to them. Even more, Karateka 1.3 will only work on devices running Palm OS version 3.5 or higher, although regardless of whether they are color or black and white.

    The game can be downloaded, evaluated and purchased from

    About Beiks

    Beiks LLC is a Dallas, TX company specializing in reference, educational and entertainment software for mobile systems.

    The company has wide variety of applications for PalmOS and other mobile platforms, but is mostly known for its wide collection of dictionaries based on BDicty Dictionary Reader, often referred to as the most popular Palm OS dictionary. BDicty was also recently modified to allow residential lookup with specific Treo hotkey combinations.
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    I used to play this game on my atari 800.

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    I used to play it on an apple ][e. and just like back then, i still cant get past more than two guys.

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