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    I have a new Pre Plus with plastic belt clip and touchstone charger. I have the box and manuals and can email any requested pics. I am looking for a Blackberry Storm 2 9550 for Verizon and do not request any additional accessories in return. I would like just the phone in new condition with the 16GB micro SD and wall charger.

    Would also sell for $250 SHIPPED. Payment through PayPal.

    I can provide website where I have good feedback for trading blu-rays and games as reference. Can also provide pics through email upon request. Thanks
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    No One? when I was trading my Storm 2 for a Pre Plus so was everyone else and now that I want a Storm 2 back no one is looking to trade one? lol...just my luck
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    If you'd settle for a Droid I have a ton of accessories to go with it.
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    Thanks for the offer and I am considering it but I think I will hold out for a bit to see if I can snag a Storm 2 in a trade.
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