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    The title says it all guys, i need someone to screen share with me on my mac and install tethering for me so that i can use it with my iPad. First one to come to me with a reasonable price gets the job.
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    are you on verizon or sprint?
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    sprint with webos
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    I can't help. But while you are waiting for someone, you need to get more specifics. Are you teying to use mytether or freetether.

    I used mytether for awhile (verizon) and I think your best bet is to go to the website for whichever you are using.

    at, you 'donate' $15 to get access to their support forum. Not sure about freetether.

    but, you might get direct help on the site created for the tethering app.

    just a suggestion.
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    as long as the person can get it to work on my phone and i can share it with my ipad i dont really care which one. im not really interested in breaking my phone so i want someone experienced to do it for me.
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    yep. Just go to the sites I mentioned and start reading. Easier to help if you have done your homework. And you might find someone there that is better able to help you, and sooner.

    try those sites while you wait.
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    once you buy mytether, I'll ichat install it for free for you .
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    well i went ahead myself and installed webos and filecoaster. can someone tell me where to go from here? i dont want to have to pay for the mytether, so id anyone could help me that would be great. thanks!
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    Adam123 - sent u a pm
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    adam - mobile hotspot? easier and well, better as its wifi.

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