Hi - I am looking to sell my German (O2) Palm Pre that's about 5 months old. Phone is in great condition with a screen protector from day one

Comes with the original box and accessories (charger, data cable, carrying case, headphones)

Running on Web OS 1.4.1 (Sprint version). Has Preware installed

Unlocked and should work well on most GSM networks

I'm located in Singapore but can ship to other parts of Asia, Western Europe, N. America, Australia/ NZ via DHL or UPS or EMS with insurance and registered tracking

Will NOT ship to Africa (unless S. Africa), Middle East, Latin America and Eastern European countries. Please don't ask me to make exceptions

Payment will be through Paypal (hence, secure and fraud resistant) unless you're based in Singapore or are planning to pass through Singapore anytime in the next couple of weeks (family/ friends/ colleagues here are OK - I can pass the phone onto them)

Asking for S$650 (US$475 or 355 Euros or 310 GBP as on April 26th, 2010) + paypal transaction fees + actual shipping costs depending on destination and choice of courier service

If interested, please send me an SMS at +65-8168-3652 with your email address so that I can email you back on next steps/ questions etc

I don't check PMs often so a simple SMS is the easiest way to reach me