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    I am sending my wife's Pre off to Palm for a replacement. When I get it back it will be for sale and include the box, data cable, wall charger, car charger and a touchstone for 175 shipped

    The 32 gig 2nd gen touch comes with a data cable, wall charger with four usb ports and a case for 165 shipped. It has lots of scuffs and scratches but works fine, if you are picky don't bother

    The Moment is in excellent shape and comes with the data cable, headphones and a wall charger 230 shipped
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    Hello, I am interested in the Ipod touch. How would we go about so I can get it from you?
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    Call me if you like. I do most of my online selling on and for sale/trade boards. I accept paypal gift payment or a U.S. Postal money order

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