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    Very Gently Used Palm Pre. I have had this phone since January ( it is a solid refurb) It has been well taken care of warranty date code 07/19/2009. Phone will come with the box and all items. I am also included a touchstone charger and box it came in. Also include is the touchstone back to the phone. And an additional palm wall charger/data cord. Also a case mate naked case ( box included), this is used and has some wear on it , because it protected the phone. I have two backs to the case mate one is personally customized by me so it can be used with the touchstone. And I have a generic hard rubberized black case for the phone new never used. And a generic car charger works good.

    Their is no physical damage to the phone, never dropped. I have have a screen protector on since it came out of the box. The original back has some very minor light scratches the touchstone back shows NO wear.

    Email for quickest response go's on feebay Monday if not sold here.

    210.00 includes shipping. paypal accepted.


    pictures? upon request
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    I will sell just the phone and the items that came with it for 160.00

    Pending sale....for the lot.
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    Is this sold? PM me if available, I am looking.

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