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    I have a new 128 MB memory stick that I can let go...make me an offer. I want a springboard module of some kind. I already have the eyemodule2 and the 8mb memory module. I want something but no memory modules please. Make an offer. I even have a 64 MB and can throw that in too depending on the offer I get.
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    The only springboard I have left is a Xircom modem and the
    folio case from Handspring. Let me know if interested.
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    How about a Parafone (
    Com'on it's really fun!
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    I've got a new (still sealed) Targus Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder module.

    PM me if you want to work out some kind of trade.
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    You could always buy a MemPlug MS Adapter and use that stick!
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    Would you be interested in an Omnisky (earthlink) wireless modem?
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    I don't think so...

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