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    I've gotten tired my carrying my Prism around. Since I got my Sanyo 5150 phone for events and such, I don't really use my Prism anyway.

    I'm selling it along with the following:

    Prism (around a year old)
    -- Pocket Quicken
    -- TotalCar
    Stowaway keyboard
    EyeModule 2
    Connector cord for Samsung 3500 cellphone

    Make me an offer. I'd of course, prefer to sell it all at once but I'll consider parting the items out.
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    Hey I'm looking into going back into pda's again...How much for the Prism/keyboard/em2 combo? My e-mail is . Thanks
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    your coming back to the handhelds? Guess there is a power in the Palm OS after all!
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    I've been out of the loop for several months now so I'm not sure what other combos like this are going for. What do you think it's worth?
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    I'm with you on that one..I left the pda scene to buy a laptop. But now i have some cash and want to get a prism again. As for the price i'm cluless. I'll sleep on it..dont want to spit a number out while i'm falling asleep on the keybpard . Night.
    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious

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