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    no longer available
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    i would consider a trading my pre if you threw in some cash too?
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    what ya got in mind?
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    How about $50?

    I think that's fair, the difference between a used pre and pixi on ebay completed listings is about $75-$100.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that my pre has a few dings on the top near the silent switch (nowhere near the screen). Also, the slider mechanism is a bit tighter than it was when it was new. No oreo effect at all though, no other defects. It has been chugging along at 800mhz beautifully.

    Let me know...
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    may i see pics?
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    Here are the photos. Note the blemish on top, that is the only cosmetic thing. Otherwise this phone is awesome; most importantly it has no oreo effect at all. Clean ESN of course. I have the TS back for it too if you like, although I have no TS pucks.
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    I've tried to PM you but I do not think it is working right. Anyways, I have a Pre I would trade straight up, no extra cash.

    Pre is in great condition, I just want the Pixi for the form factor. I have the box and all the goodies, comes with a TS backing. Screen has been behind a Zagg IS from day one. I even have the pouch.

    Send me a PM and let me know if you are interested. I would be willing to over night to you a fresh Pre.
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    ill trade u straight up
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    ok coolio

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