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    I've decided to leave the Treo camp as my company decided they want more than just a contact manager/phone for our sales guys to use. Now they want me to go with an IPAQ and investigate Citrix usage with that device. Oh well, it's their money.

    So, this is what I have and what I want:

    USB cradle - $40 - used daily;
    car charger - $25 - never used;
    belt clip - $15 - used twice

    All of the above to one buyer - $70

    All prices US$ and OBO. All items were purchased from Handspring within the past month. Since all items arrived in the impossible to open without destroying packaging, I will not be able to provide the original packaging. All items are in excellent condition. Shipping costs will be added on.

    Email me with questions or comments at

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    I've only got the car charger for the TREO left. Anyone that's interested, send best offer to and I'll accept the best offer by July 5th and have the unit in the mail July 6th. Keep in mind that offers are prior to shipping since I don't know where the high bidder lives.


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