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    used for 2 months. Any reasonable offer?
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    what is a merlinex720? ... oh, ok.
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    First Alltel "smartphone" HTC Touch (4 devices); then HTC Diamond (1 device); then Blackberry Pearl 8130 (1 device; the Blackberry Curve 8330 (6 devices due to becoming Verizon customer ); then.... Finally the wondrous and amazing Palm Pre and I will never go back!
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    Don't you love these informative FS threads? No images, condition, what's included, etc.. Just reassures me that I'll never buy from people like this.
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    hey thanks for the tip. Maybe I should also put make another post about a ******* named NM08SRT8 and have images and conditions listed when I'm done remoding his face.
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    jonathanlc2005-- You really should say what it is when posting this. I know I can just go look it up on google and it will take me less than 5 seconds.

    In fact, I just did that. Second result: "Not only is this broadband card more expensive than most, it offers subpar performance."

    Wouldn't it benefit you if I hadn't seen that first? I would have had no need to see that if you said what it was.

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