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FS: Two Palm Pre or Pre Plus Decals... Flowers or Butterfly. - webOS Nation Forums
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    I have two decals for sale... I got three and ended up liking one above all the others. One has a flower garden type design and the other has a butterfly design and both have a matching background. They are vinyl and very easy to apply... Mine had many bubbles even though I followed the instructions but when I woke up the next day they were gone. I only use the back skin to add some grip and a little bit flash to the phone... These vinyl decals will protect the areas of the phone that are covered from mild to moderate scratches... I haven't had the guts to try a curb on a sidewalk like in the shield promo video but I think they are pretty worth it. Also, since the front does cover the gesture area, I decided to put on the front cover before trying to sell these other two and found that the Pre has the exact same sensitivity with the front skin on as it does without one on. So that's good news. I also have saved the downloads for the matching wallpaper that would go on your phone to look great with the skins. I couldn't really afford to get the one I wanted but I did need some scratch protection for my phone since I often forget and throw it in my purse. Now my keys and such won't scratch it... but I am also curious to what others think about these skins for some added protection, without any bulk. I can get more if there interest... and not all of them are female oriented, there's actually some pretty cool manly ones as well... lol. I would like to get 9 a piece, shipping included or 16 for both but I am up for the best offer... I had one for my 8330 and when I sold the phone, I peeled off the decals and there wasn't a scratch or dent anywhere... it sold for 100 bucks about 2 weeks ago. Oh sorry to ramble but they are very easy to remove and don't leave any sticky, gooey, or gross residue. Paypal preferred...
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