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    Traded my Hero for this on this last Saturday (3/27/10), and turns out.. I still can't stand Windows Mobile like I thought I could. While 6.5 with Sense 2.5 is wonderful and more bearable for me than w/o Sense, I miss Android too much. It does more of what I want out of the box. (I know I know, but this is for me and my opinion)

    So, I got this from a Sprint employee, he had it for about a month before me. Had a stupid black clip on case that left a few marks on the phone (from the clips), but it's not bad at all. He still had 6.1 on there, so I freshly installed 6.5 Saturday night (3/27/10).

    Screen protector was applied by him. Phone will come with box, and all accessories and manuals from the box.

    I'm looking to trade straight for a BNIB Sprint Hero and a blue HTC branded silicone case. I gave mine away with my phone.

    The catch... well, I kinda don't get paid until the end of next week.. So I figured for someone who really wants this, if you could pay shipping both ways, I would greatly appreciate it. This is my only phone, so I cannot ship first, but if you go to SprintUsers, and look me up ( NM08SRT8 ), I have 13 positive feedback trader rating. I assure you, I am a loyal and trust worthy person. I use these boards way to much to scam or make any enemies.

    Here are pictures, please PM me with any questions. So as you can see, there are some marks from the slider on the right side of the KB, as well as on the T and Y keys. And if you can see them okay, the nicks on the sides of the phone from that stupid case. I still have it if you really want it, but I don't use it anymore.

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    Delete, made the proper corrections above.
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    Deal pending on, I'll keep you all updated as far as availability goes.


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