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    The crack is cosmetic only and does not affect use. 175 shipped in the U.S.
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    Holy hell! That is some kind of "cosmetic" damage.
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    lol well it is, the touchscreen works just fine
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    I am guessing that's not the "Crack Your Display" app installed in that.
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    you do know that ur asking members of PRECENTRAL to trade an ipod touch that's in horrible condition for an android phone. It's (pre) central not android central.
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    I didnt know precentral members had to have a pre and nothing else
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    I think the big problem is your asking $175 for a busted device worth $50 (or less). A 32GB referb goes for $250. Busted iPods (or any cell phone or music player) don't really have any value these days.
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    Well they do it appears on my local craigslist, I have a guy on his way to look at it. I'm confident he will buy it, it is the same guy who bought a 16 gig touch I sold a month or so ago.

    edit: Sold on craigslist
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