Hello all, I have a full body shield for the Palm Pre, unused, unopened and in the box. I'm looking for $15, plus shipping.

For all that are unaware, the Invisible Shield is a thin film-like skin that adheres to your Pre and protects it against scratches and scuffs. It's basically indestructible and has a lifetime warranty. I buy one for every cell phone I get, it keeps it brand new underneath and ZAGG has great customer service and will replace them pretty easily.

I would have used this for my own Palm Pre (I pre-ordered this during their Memorial Day sale), but I don't own a Pre-- in Canada it released on Bell Mobility, basically the most reviled cell network we have. I don't understand why Palm didn't choose a less hated carrier for their Canadian launch.... Makes no sense... But releasing on Bell has surely hindered Palm's domination of the Canadian market.

Anyways, I digress!