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    For Sale:

    Visor Pro* ... $140
    Visor Phone** ... $60
    Fitaly Stamp for all Visor models except Edge ( ... $20
    EB Slipper Case for Visor Pro/Visorphone w/ clip ( ... $25

    * in original box with everything that came with it
    ** in original box with everything that came with it, except SIM card (also, used VP serial number for Treo 270 upgrade)

    Prices include shipping and COD via USPS
    These items are just 6 months old and in very good condition w/o any screen scratches

    Buy both the VisorPro & the Visorphone and I'll throw in the black EB Slipper Case

    If interested, please contact me at
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    Just sold the EB slipper case.

    If someone wants both phone and Visor Pro, I'll throw in the Fitaly Stamp.
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    Sold the Visor Phone today.

    Visor Pro is still available for $140 (includes shipping)

    Also have car charger for Visor if you need one.
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    Visor Pro still availabale for $140. I'll throw in car charger if you want.

    I now have a PayPal account if you'd prefer to pay that way rather than COD.

    Price includes shipping & insurance.
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    Can now accept credit card payment via PayPal for Visor Pro, if you wish.

    Still $140, including shipping/insurance (a fair price -- check eBay)

    As stated above, I'll even throw in the car charger if you like.
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    Sold the Visor Pro today. Thanks for your interest.

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