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    I found the following while cleaning out my 'junk' drawer:

    - Pentopia "Chameleon" pen/stylus and refill. This has a pen, spring-loaded stylus point, rubbery '2nd tip' (that I loved to use to tap the screen with- great soft feel!) and metal reset pin. I KNOW it fits in the slot for the orginal stylus on the Prism and Deluxe! Original value- $19.99 for the stlus and $5 for the refill.

    - Package of 7 Radio Shack self-adhesive screen protectors. These are acrystal clear Mylar-based film. They scratch pretty easily, but are not bad otherwise. originally $7 for 12.

    We will start the festivities at $10 for the package!

    (PayPal preferred, personal check OK. Will be mailed in an envelope with First Class postage in the US. Other mailing options negotiable!)
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    ya got mail.


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