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    Just ordered the 270 need to sell the 180 when 270 comes. I have all the original boxes, cd, headset etc.. mint condition no scratches screen cover used from day one still even has outside window cover from day one. rom was upgraded never a problem just want color...My guess is its worth $299 or so just send me an email if your interested. after the 270 comes the 180 goes on ebay so respond now. I can accept paypal or moneyorders

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    Is the treo still available?
    If so is shipping included?

    Thanks, \
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    One buyer promised payment but never sent over 3 weeks now it's $250 shipped to the first serious buyer. please email me direct I am in NYC area and could meet to sell or I will ship UPS insured.
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    My 270 is due tomorrow... I couldn't resist =P

    Good luck sellin' the 180, i'm sure someone will take you up on it.


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